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The Strength Classes take a holistic approach to the health of the whole body. Using a combination of free weight and body weight resistance training, mobility and flexibility exercises, and elements of yoga and breathwork to create strength and balance within the body.

These classes are low-impact but challenging and cater for all levels and stages, including early postpartum (6 weeks and beyond) and pregnancy.

There is a maximum of 6 people per class to ensure that everyone works safely at their own level and to allow for the opportunity to focus on individual goals.


Children and babies are welcome in most classes (check the timetable for more information).


This class is all about releasing tension through movement and stretching.
To begin with, we will move through a series of gentle and slow vinyasas to warm and soften the body before settling in for some longer, deeper stretches allowing your body to relax and open.

As with the morning strength classes, you can bring your babies and children.
Suitable for all bodies, including pregnancy and postpartum.


A fun and affordable way to train, whilst still getting a personalised approach so you can effectively reach your goals.

This option allows you to split the cost of personal training with 1-5 friends. This is a great alternative to one on one training if you can’t justify the cost or would just like to train with your friends.

Perfect for mothers groups.


Our Vin + Yin class combines Vinyasa and Yin Yoga into a single class. The class begins with a dynamic Vinyasa flow, building heat in the body and allowing you to let go of excess energy. This prepares you to completely surrender your mind and body as we wind down in a restorative Yin sequence.
Suitable for all bodies, including pregnancy and postpartum.


The one-on-one personal training sessions are completely tailored to your needs, including the option to work with your hormones or phases of your menstrual cycle.

Using a holistic approach, we will explore and identify your health and fitness goals, consulting with allied health professionals where needed. Each program is personalised and contains elements of strength training, yoga, cardio, mobility, coordination, rehabilitation techniques, and breath work to achieve long-term results.

Children, babies and dogs are welcome in all sessions. 


Yin yoga is a quiet, contemplative practice.
It targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians.

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